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CarlinKit 3.0 F.A.Qs

What is CarlinKit 3.0?

A device that turns wired CarPlay into a wireless connection for easier use.

Installation of the CarlinKit 3.0?

Plug this device into the car’s USB port, pair it once via Bluetooth, and it auto-connects afterwards for seamless use.

Compatibility of CarlinKit 3.0?

CarlinKit 3.0 works with most cars and iPhones that support wired CarPlay.

Can I use CarlinKit 3.0 in multiple vehicles?

Yes, the device can be used in different vehicles as long as each vehicle supports wired CarPlay.

How to purchase CarlinKit 3.0?

CarlinKit 3.0 can be purchased through the official website, designated retailers, or online e-commerce platforms.

Do I need to install any additional software or apps to use CarlinKit 3.0?

No, you don’t need to.

How is the power supplied to CarlinKit 3.0?

The power for CarlinKit 3.0 is supplied directly through the connection to the vehicle’s USB port.

Carlinkit 5.0 FAQ

What is Carlinkit 5.0?

Carlinkit 5.0 is an adapter that enables wireless connections for CarPlay and Android Auto in vehicles with infotainment systems.

How do I install Carlinkit 5.0?

Insert the Carlinkit 5.0 into the car's USB port, connect your smartphone via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, and follow the on-screen prompts.

Is my car compatible with Carlinkit 5.0?

Most vehicles with support for wired CarPlay or Android Auto are compatible. Check the official website for details.

Does it support iPhone and Android?

Yes, Carlinkit 5.0 supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

How to update the Carlinkit 5.0 firmware?

Update through the companion app or via the device interface.

What to do if I experience connectivity issues?

Update your phone's OS and Carlinkit 5.0 firmware, restart both devices, or reconnect Bluetooth.

Where can I buy Carlinkit 5.0?

It is available on the official website, Amazon, and other authorized retailers.

Is customer support provided for Carlinkit 5.0?

Yes, customer support is available through the official Carlinkit 5.0 website. 

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